Jewelry care

All our jewelery has a guarantee of quality, but like everything delicate, they require a certain amount of care to maintain their original color and brilliance to ensure that they last as long as possible. In addition, gold-plated or gold-plated jewelry still requires greater care.

Here are some helpful tips to keep your jewelry always perfect:

  • Avoid exposing the jewel to corrosive agents such as: perfume, makeup, alcohol, chlorine, sea water, sweat, detergents, food grease or bleach .
  • We recommend not wearing the jewelry to sleep, exercise or shower (each person's own PH can affect the brightness and / or color of the jewelry).
  • A good way To avoid oxidation is to store the jewelry in airtight, dry places and away from exposure to sunlight. Disuse can also influence oxidation.
  • Store each jewel individually to avoid contact with others and scratches.

* Gold plating is not guaranteed to last forever. There are several factors that can influence the gold bath to gradually disappear, such as body sweating or the PH of the skin of each person. Therefore, we recommend that gold plated or gold plated jewelry be cared for more delicately.